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Fruit Tree Listing

This is a list of members fruit trees available for propagation material, where they are located and
if the tree is mature (M) or immature (I).
Scion material needs to be pencil thick stems from the current years growth, It must not dry out.
It can be wrapped in damp paper, put in a plastic bag and stored in the crisper section of the fridge until your ready to use it.
make sure you label each variety.

Smiffy  ( Mt Annan)


Shane   (Yanderra)
 Apple - Splendor (I) Apple -Tydeman's Early Worcester (I)  Apple - Tydeman's Earl Worcester
Apple - Lady William (I) Apple - James Grieve (I)  Apple - Ida Red
 Apple - Spartan (I) Apple - Ribston Pipin (I)   Apple - James Grieve
 Apple - Rudds Cox Orange Pipin (I) Apple - McIntosh (I)   Apple - Wine Sap
 Apple - Bramley (I)  Apple - Granny Smith   Apple - Pomme-de-neige
 Apple - Cornish Aromatic (I) Apple - Spartan (I)   Apple - Dunn's seedling
 Mandarin - Honey Murcott (I) Apple - Calville Blanc d'niver (I)  Apple - Macintosh
 Mandarin - Japanese (I) Apple - Mutso   Apple - Lord Nelson
 Pear - Corella (I) Apple - Lady William (I)   Apple - Democrat
 Pear - Paradise (I) Apple - Pink Lady   Apple - London pippin
 Nectrine - Okee Dokee (I) Apple - Stayman Winesap (I)  Apple - cox's orange pippin
 Plum - Satsuma (M) Apple - Golden Dorsett (I)  Apple - Mutsu
 Lime - Tahitian (I) Apple - Egremont Russet (I)  Apple - Spartan                   
 Plum - Santa Rosa (M) Apple - Autumn Pearman (I)   
 Lemon - Meyer (I) Apple - Ida Red (I)   
 Peach - Double Jewel Apple - Bramley (I)   
 Grape - Black Muscatel Apple - Cox's Orange Pipin (I)   
  Apple - Cornish Aromatic (I)   
  Apple - Red Granny (I)   
  Apple - Kidds Orange (I)  
  Apple - Lord Lambourne (I)   
  Apple  - Pomme de Neige